CV Preparation

NOVUS offers a personal and unique CV writing service.


Many individuals, across all levels of business and industry, find difficulty in collating, prioritising and presenting their career achievements / experience in a professional, clear and effective manner.

In the competitive marketplace of today, it is simply not good enough to put down basic information, unformatted and devoid of message, clarity and purpose.  NOVUS can help you to identify your core skills and competencies, to qualify your achievements and to quantify the contribution you have made to past and present employers.

NOVUS has the resource and expertise to quickly identify the core material needed to develop an individual, powerful and modern CV – to suit all applications. Our service will deliver a focussed, complete, and multi-purpose professional CV to provide the foundation for all future job applications and subsequent career moves:

NOVUS CV Writing Core Process:

Review with a member of our professional team all the relevant information and documentation which exists – e.g. qualifications, existing profiles, work and career records, appraisal documents, extra-curricular achievements, references etc

  • Scheduled one-to-one conversation to discuss career aspirations and goals to ensure the CV is targeted to support and help you achieve these personal / professional objectives
  • Drafting of initial document to include personal details, profile statement, career history, skills, experience, achievements, qualifications and outside interests as appropriate
  • Further telephone discussions to review / refine / amend the draft and, where appropriate, develop a second or third version tailored towards specific markets or job opportunities
  • Final version produced and submitted by NOVUS, supported by further consultation and change until the individual is completely satisfied with the document
  • Supporting draft email, covering letter and/or reference material can also be produced to accompany the CV.

NOVUS provides practical results orientated advice and action to deliver you a 100% finished version of your own professional CV – a powerful and effective marketing tool to enhance your immediate job prospects and to form the basis of all your future career moves.

Why Choose Us

High Quality, Cost Effective

Novus provides high quality, cost effective, personal Career Transitions and Outplacement solutions to organisations and their individual employees. Their capabilities are focussed primarily on individual Career Transitioning and Outplacement advice to all levels of management staff on a One-to-One basis, combined with other project based services available on request.

Professionally Handled

Novus can support your company in ensuring restructuring initiatives are professionally handled and can help employees with a smoother transition to a new career path.

Wide Experience

Novus success is based upon a wide experience of understanding the needs of the individual, recognition of the individual’s competencies and circumstances – and the ability to equip and motivate them, when faced with one of the most potentially challenging periods of their lives.

Tailored Services

Novus can tailor their services to suit a range of Client and Candidate budgets. Novus Programmes can be delivered at off-site venues, at client or Novus premises, or at the home or preferred location of candidates. Remote Access by telephone, e-mail and fax to ensure immediate support when necessary is of course a prerequisite..

Our Clients

Lets Work Together

The Consultants at Novus have strong track records in Management Roles within a wide range of Corporate Enterprises. They understand these issues through their own personal experience and perspective and have delivered professional Outplacement and Career Transitioning in a broad diversity of industry sectors. Some have worked for recruitment and Head-hunting Companies and are ideally suited to coach and mentor other individuals in these circumstances.